1) At registration time:

  • Please read the policies, the cancellation policies and the rules of conduct.
  • Please print the child’s name as it appears on their birth certificate.
  • Registration forms can be filled out by any relative, but the child’s parent or legal guardian must sign the form and his/her name must appear on the registration form.
  • Any information on the form can only be released to the persons on the contact list provided on the registration form.
  • Once your registration is submitted, you will receive an automated e-mail, which is proof that the registration was received. Keep it so you know the credit card you have used and the program you have registered for. No payment is taken until the registration is processed.
  • Once we receive your registration, allow us 2-5 days to process it. At this time, your payment will be taken, and a second e-mail will be sent to you confirming the day, time and the amount that was charged. We apply any credit you may have BEFORE we process your payment. Registrations are processed in the order they have been received.
  • If we CANNOT process your payment, you will be informed to re-register and spot will not be saved.

2) Payments:

  • You have the option to pay by credit card, Interac, e-transfer, cheques and cash.
  • If you choose to pay by cash, cheque, Interac please be aware that we will only hold the spot for 48 hours. You must come and make payment(s) in person before that time has elapsed. If you choose the option to pay in instalments by cash, Interac or cheques we require a valid credit card (Visa Debit is not accepted) as security.
  •  NOTE: Due to high-rate charges, when paying with VISA an additional 4% will apply to your card on top of your fees.
  • IF YOU REGISTER BETWEEN THE END OF SEPTEMBER AND MID-DECEMBER: you can only pay in one or two installments (four installment option will not be available for late registrations);
  • IF YOU REGISTER FOR THE SPRING SESSION: you can only pay in one installment.

When paying by:
Visa or Master Card: We can provide you with the credit card receipts when requested and that will be your proof of your payment.
Cheques: Your cancelled cheque(s) will be your proof of payment (or take a picture of the cheque(s) before you submitted it/ them to us).
Cash: Your receipt for cash will be issued at payment time in your child’s name.
Interac: Your receipt at the time of transaction will be your proof of payment.
e-transfer: Your e-transfer will be accepted ONLY if we can provide you the requested class, day, and time. The password MUST be the child date of birth: YYYYMMDD. Please for e-transfer, use the e-mail Gymstarsdeposit@gmail.com If the amount is not correct, we will refuse the transaction.

3) During the season:

  • Gymnasts are required to wear a gym suit (any color, any style) Gymnasts can wear layers over the gym suit (e.g., leggings, T-shirt); NO 2 pieces will be allowed.
  • For safety reasons, please avoid gym suits with a tutu/skirt attached.
  • Boys can wear tight fitted shorts/track pants and a T-shirt.
  • Gymnasts are to be bare footed.
  • Gymnasts are to have hair tied up (ponytails, braids, etc.).
  • Please leave all jewellery and valuables at home.
  • Gymnasts must be healthy to participate. Everyone must wear a mask when entering the gym (as per Ministry of Health by laws). Temperatures will be checked for all individuals entering the gym. Any gymnasts complaining of pain or feeling sick will be asked to sit and parents will be called to come and pick up the child.
  • Each group/cohort will be assigned strict change room area (color coded) and bathroom and strict enter/exit pattern that must be respected.
  • Gymnasts MUST be respectful to coaches and other gymnasts and must follow directions given. The club has the right to restrict anyone from participating if we believe they are endangering others or themselves. A parent meeting will be scheduled if misbehaving attitude happens more than once. The Club reserves the right to terminate the membership with no refund if we cannot work together in following Club’s Rules.
  • Parents, grandparents or any other adult that drops or picks up the child must follow the Club’s Rules:
    -no parents in the gym unless the child is registered in Kids-In-Motion program
    -Gymnasts must be dropped off by the gym entrance and wait to go through the safety protocols. DO NOT DROP YOUR CHILD AT THE DOOR WITHOUT BEING ATTENDED BY A STAFF MEMBER.
  • Parents MUST be on time to pick up their children and social distance before picking up their child.

Parent’s information:

  • Through the season (September to June) there will be two (2) newsletters sent to you via e-mail. We will be using the e-mail address provided with your registration. The newsletters are sent in November and May. Please make sure to check your e-mail (including spam) and let us know if you do not receive it.
  • Make-up classes will not be offered at this time. The club is currently looking for alternatives.
  • Keeping the communication flow between office/head coach/coach and the parents is especially important to your child and to us to improve programs and offer you the best for your child. Please contact us by e-mail ONLY at gymstarsinfo@gmail.com
  • We consider all suggestions and complaints and work with everyone to better the programs and to make learning pleasant and positive for the children.
  • Incidents and accidents MUST be recorded by the club. Please read the report and you may need to sign it.
  • If your child will miss 8 weeks or more due to an injury, please bring us the original Medical Doctor’s note (signed and dated) and the date she/he is allowed to return to practice. A credit note will be issued and will be valid until Jan.15, 2022. Credit notes are not transferable to other children and are to be used only by the child that was issued for.
  • When registering two or more children, we offer a discount of 10%. The discount is applied to the less expensive program. Discount is applied per payment and NOT in bulk. You can benefit of other discounts, so call or e-mail us to find out if you qualify.
  • You can change payment options before your child’s third class only.
  • Statutory holidays when the club will be closed, are not calculated in the 37 weeks provided during the season. Information on closures will be posted on the bulletin board, Facebook page and Web site and in one of the two yearly newsletters provided to you via e-mail.
  • If the club will be forced to close at the advice of higher authorities, we have decided the followings: if we are to close for less than 4 weeks, the session will go forward to finish the 37 weeks of the season. If you are to close for more than 4 weeks, a credit in the form of a voucher will be issued to all member with 12-18 months.


  •  The annual year-end shows are cancelled as of now. We are looking for alternatives and we will inform you during the two newsletters that we will email you during the season.