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Family Drop-In Class

The Family Drop-in Gym is a 60-minute structured class for kids age 8 and under. Up to 6 kids may attend together. This is a one-time class (not a session of classes). Parents of all children attending the class MUST be present in the viewing area if children are 4 years and older. Parents MUST BE in the gym area if children are 4 years or younger.

Family Drop-in Gym can be scheduled on Fridays 5pm-6pm or Fridays 6pm-7pm.

The cost is $75 for 3 children and $25 for each additional child (up to a maximum of 6 kids).

This is a great opportunity to try out if your child, his/her friends, cousins would like to take gymnastics, but also to have fun together. Is a great time to spend time together, to connect with friends and/or relatives during cold winter months.

To book a Family Drop-in Gym time please e mail us your request. At booking we will require children and parents’ information and require that you sign a release form.

Payments can be done by credit card or e transfer and are non-refundable 72 hours prior to the booked date.