Future Stars

2 Hour Class

A program for school age girls born in 2011, 2012.

A program for girls ONLY. A program for older girls similar to our popular Stars in Progress. This program will provide instruction on all gymnastics events, emphasizing safety. Children develop a higher level of fitness and an understanding of the fundamentals of gymnastics. Groups will be formed according to age, ability and the Club’s progressive level system. (2 hours, once per week.)

GYMNASTS MUST WEAR A GYMNASTICS SUIT (LEOTARD). TWO PIECE SUITS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. They also MUST bring in a ziplock bag a spill-proof water bottle, a small bottle of hand sanitizer and a face mask to be worn when they go to the bathroom.

They must sanitize their hands when entering the gym and during the training. Parents are not allowed in the gym. To respect social distancing, groups/cohorts are smaller in size.

How To Register Online

  • Check the schedule for this program and select a day/time
  • Fill out all the required information online
  • Use child’s legal name, as on their birth certificate
  • Once you submit the registration, you will receive an automated e-mail (that is your proof that we received your registration)
  • Confirmation of acceptance (a second email) will be received once we check the availability in the selected class and we process your payment.
  • An e-mail from gymstarsinfo@gmail.com is the confirmation for your registration.
  • If you are opting to pay by cash, cheque, debit, we expect payment within 48 hours from registration, otherwise you need to re-submit and provide payment(s).

Payment Information

  • Registration is a season enrollment (September-June: 37 weeks)
  • Registration includes Club and GO registration
  • Payments on line can be made with Visa, Master Card or e-transfer. We do NOT accept visa debit.
  • NEW THIS SEASON: Due to the high rate charges, when paying with VISA an additional 4% will apply to your credit card.
  • When paying in installments, a VALID credit card MUST be given to secure payments. Password for e-transfer is the date of birth of the child you are registering YYYYMMDD For e-transfer, please use the e-mail gymstarsinfo@gmail.com and include your name and your child’s name
  • When you register two or more children from the same family, a 10% discount will be applied to the least expensive program(s). The discount is applied to each instalment.
  • Returned cheques MUST be paid by cash, e-transfer or Interac. A $ 50.00 service charge will be added
  • A $15.00 charge will apply each time we are unable to process your credit card instalments.
  • The Club has the right to terminate the child’s membership for non-payment or for not adhering to the Club’s policies and rules of conduct. When a membership is terminated, there are NO REFUNDS OR CREDIT GIVEN AT ANY TIME.

Late Registrations

  • We accept late registrations providing there is availability in the requested class. A rebate will be offered if your child missed more than 3 classes due to late registration.
  • SPRING SESSION: Spring session registrations are accepted starting December 15th, 2020.
    • Spring session begins the first week in February 2020 (18 weeks)
    • One-time payment of $ 500.00 is required at registration time. If you register and pay before January 1st, 2021, your child may attend classes through the month of January for FREE. No REFUNDS will be given after February 1st, 2021. Children who withdraw before February 1st, 2021 will be charged a flat rate of $ 40.00 per each class attended in January.

Cancellation Policies & Refunds

There are 3 options to cancel and receive a refund:

  1. BEFORE ATTENDING ANY CLASSES: you can received a refund less $ 50.00 administration fee
  2. AFTER ONE CLASS: you can receive a refund less $ 175.00 administration fee
  3. ON OR BEFORE DECEMBER 15, 2020 you will receive the amount of $ 450.00 (assuming all payments have been received) regardless how much you have paid, or what instalment option you have selected. All refunds will be in the same method you have paid. EX: if paid by credit card, refund will go on your credit card, you paid by e-transfer, your refund will be done on e-transfer, you paid partly with a voucher, refund will be on a voucher)
    • Any cancellation due to medical injury ONLY will receive a program credit voucher valid until Jan.15,2022. The Club must receive an original Medical Doctor’s note stating the child’s inability to participate in gymnastics for more than 8 weeks consecutive. The credit will be calculated from the date stated on the doctor’s note on.


  • If you register 2 or more kids in the same program, children MUST be placed in the same cohort (of the youngest child) Coaches will have different exercises for the older child in the group/ cohort
  • An enter and exit protocol must be followed
  • Parents, other children/ family members are not to enter the gym.
  • Children MUST sanitize their hands when entering the gym and wash hands after bathroom use
  • Clients entering the gym must wear a mask during class
Before registering, please read all general club’s rules and policies found on the website home page.

Payment Options

One Payment

1 @ $950.00

at registration

Two Payments

1st @ $625.00

at registration

2nd @ $350.00

by Dec. 1st 2020

Four Payments

1st @ $500.00

at registration

2nd @ $300.00

by Oct. 1st 2020

3rd @ $100.00

by Nov. 1st 2020

4th @ $100.00

by Dec 1st 2020

Spring Session

1st @ $500.00

at registration
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